Midori Traveler’s Notebook VS. Filofax

Hello all!

I realise this is the third post I’m writing this evening, sorry! I just wanted to share with you my new interest which is the Midori Traveler’s Notebook (MTN). It seems like there’s more people who use them alongside their Filofax and I think this is a great idea!

First off, when I came across Filofax I was already into stationery, mostly doing SMASH* stuff and journaling. And when I saw the first video of Filofaxing I knew… I knew… I was in deep trouble. I knew I was going to fall in love with this! I was going to fall in love with it and spend far too much money on it! And the best part: My prediction was totally accurate.

I felt the same when I saw the MTN. It looked so… Rustic. Simple. Classic. Just my style! You know, (slightly off topic), I’ve always been in conflict with myself as I couldn’t find out what exactly my style was. Not only in stationery, but also in clothing, appearance, everything! I just didn’t know how to act! I have a cute type of face, yet I have tattoos. I felt contradicted, I don’t know who I am as a person!

When I entered the Filofax world, I wanted to do it exactly like all the others did with dividers, sections, washi tape and all that, and that was fine for quite a while. It helped me get my shit together when it comes to planning, and now I don’t think I could live without a planner! But as I talked about in my last post, it felt overwhelming. It wasn’t me. I didn’t really care for my sections, I care about keeping my planning up to date and journaling!

This feeling was triggered when I saw the MTN. I saw that rustic look, the simple design… I realised that I actually prefer a bound book over a ringed binder, and MTN combined the best of both worlds! It’s a bound book that’s refillable! I love the look of it. I mean, how simple can it get? It’s a piece of scrap leather that holds paper together with an elastic band. It reminds me of cowboys, travelers, the wild west. That’s my style.

Plus, I know my boyfriend would totally love this thing too. He’s been with me whilst I was juggling around different planners, so I know he’s interested in what I do! And no, I don’t think I will abandon Filofax for this. I just think I shouldn’t want to have everything. I don’t need lists and sections and all that shit. What I need is a calendar that I know I’ll use, the Filofax, and a journal that is totally my style, which is the MTN.

The best of both worlds. I mean, the MTN and washi tape don’t go together in my opinion. I think it would totally mess up the concept of the Traveler’s Notebook, which should be simple and easily accessible. A MTN is what you can whip out at a coffee place or at a park, and you start writing about the stuff that has occurred to you, things that you’ve seen or done. A Filofax makes sure you know what to do each day, so you can plan on going to that coffee place or park. And to spice that up, you decorate it a little, to help you stay in touch with your planner in order for you to keep planning the days ahead!

The Filofax and the MTN are two separate things, but they go hand in hand in my life. Well, not yet. I don’t have a MTN yet and I don’t think I’ll get one any time soon, as they’re far too pricey for a bit of scrap leather and an elastic! I’ll get myself a knock off. One that I’ll make totally awesome and completely my style, cowboy!

Happy planning! xxx

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Organised Mum Inserts Review

Back in June or July I bought the inserts off the Organised Mum website to try and see if they were any better than the original Filofax inserts, which I thought sucked at the time. Well, after trying Organised Mum, I feel more love towards Filofax paper…

As you can tell, I didn’t really like them. The pages were too white, first off. You know how Moleskine paper is kind of yellow creamy coloured? I like that, as nothing feels worse than staring at a black, white page. I know regular FF paper is white too, but because it’s so thin, it lets light through which can give them some colour. I like that about them now. Plus, I like the feel of the thin paper, like flipping through a phone book 🙂 If I use my FriXions or a normal ball-point pen, there’s no bleed-through anyway!

What I also didn’t like were the boxes you could write in. I felt so… Confined! If I didn’t write inside the box, it looked weird. The boxes were too small to fit stuff in though, in my experience. It’s nice if you have to write in your work hours, for example! That fits perfectly and you can decorate the edges of the box! You could also make little drawings in the boxes! A sun for a sunny day, a cloud for a rainy day etc. That was nice about it, but you could also do that on FF pages.

So all in all, I don’t like these inserts a lot, they’re not for me. For others, it could be ideal! Just not for me.


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Back from crazy! PLUS PLANNER FAIL

Hello everyone!

I haven’t updated my blog in a couple of weeks I think, and the reason of that is that I was planner-less for a few weeks. You know how I said that there was an A5 Pink Calipso on the way to me? Yeah. It got lost. …Yeah.

Well, it didn’t get entirely lost, it was only lost for 2 weeks or so. The lovely woman I had swapped my Finsbury with had provided me with a tracking number, which I thought was very handy!


At some point the tracking just didn’t update anymore, and by the time my Finsbury had safely arrived, I was starting to worry. The last update was July 15th, and it said it was in Chicago and now on the way to destination! And new info would be added periodically during the day!


A day went by… Another day went by… I started to worry. Another 2 days went by… A WEEK went by… Eventually after like 10 days I gave up on the thing, didn’t think it would ever arrive. I was also very stressed because I couldn’t deal being without a planner for this long. So I went ahead and bought a brand new Purple Malden in A5, thinking the Calipso was never going to show up anymore.

Now, bad luck struck me yet again! When the Malden arrived (two days later than the shop had assured me) I found out the clasp was broken as well. Yes. Just my luck. I had to take it to a shoemaker and they repaired it for me in just a day, which was nice!

At that point I hadn’t fallen in love with the binder, though, which was unfortunate. It was the colour that I didn’t like, the purple was a little too dark for me, like a witch kind of purple! I really loved the Malden itself though, so I went to an office supply shop where they could order the vintage pink A5 Malden for me (which is like my dream Filofax!). It should come in next week 🙂

Having that set up, I decided to put my purple Malden up for sale and swap. A lovely Dutch lady was interested, and I was over the moon because I then didn’t have to be scared that parcels would get lost or things like that, as we’re in the same country. She sent me a Malibu DayTimer in eggplant and a Franklin Covey binder which I don’t know the name of in dark blue! The best part is that she included the Blooms inserts for 2013 and 2014 as well, and those are compatible with Filofax personal size and vice versa!

But then. Yes, you guessed it! The Calipso actually showed up after being missing for 2 weeks! I was so happy about it! The Malden was now gone, so I was happy that I could set another binder up to my taste, even though I knew I had to see her go soon. I didn’t want to have 2 A5 binders, and the Malden is my dream Filo. If I had known she’d come around soon, I don’t think I would’ve bought the purple Malden.

So now what? You’d think I’d be happy with my collection by now? Nope, right at this moment (today) I ran into a common problem: the planner fail.

Everyone has experienced it, I think. My guess is that, when you come into the world of Filofax, you see their community and the way other people have set up their Filofax and you try to mirror them. Sections, to do lists, washi tape, decorations, lists, goals, health journals… What happened to the diary? It seemed to me that the setup of your binder was even more important than whether you actually used that system.

Sure, decorating pages works for some, as then they stay in touch with their planner. And people want to have everything in one binder, cause that’s how it works for them. But it doesn’t work for me! Having a Filofax has inspired me to plan more, to write things down more often so I wouldn’t forget them. It has helped me clear my head so I would remember the important things! But a notes section? Quotes? I hate quotes. I don’t even want them in my planner. Why am I doing all this shit that I don’t even need?! Health journal? Really? I eat Doritos for breakfast, I don’t care about my water intake. Don’t judge me, ladies! 😉 

Anyway, I started feeling like this after I saw the Midori Traveler’s Notebook, which I’ll make a separate post about. I just felt the need to tone everything down a bit, I wanted things to be more simple!

So what I did was, I took my personal Ochre Malden (which is Italian as I got it from Filofax Italy) and all I have in there is my calendar and my wallet. That is all! I must say, comparing to an A5 a Personal size doesn’t hold a lot! If I try to open the rings on my personal Malden all the pages come out!

I feel better now. I use a regular black pen for writing instead of my FriXions, I only use vintage looking washi tape and no more Hello Kitty. No sticky notes! No stickers! Just my rustic Ochre Malden.

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Filofax swinging

Hi guys! 🙂

So, I think all of us have been through a certain fase when it comes to Filofax. I’m talking about the first few months of the addiction in which you’re looking for the perfect binder – and trying heaps of models before deciding! I am in this state at the moment, and I’ve still not found out what my ideal binder is. To be honest – I’m not even sure about the size!

I started with Personal sized planners because they are most popular for people on the go. They’re small enough to take with you (in your purse or bag) and they’re not so small that writing in them is impossible. And sure, I really like the personal size! I just really wanted to try an A5 as well, just to see how I can use that, as some people take their A5 planners with them! I wanted to see how heavy they actually are, how bulky they are, and how easy it is to print my own stuff for it.

My boyfriend made a very clever remark about that – he said that A5 might be better to print my own stuff for than a Personal binder, as A5 is a standard paper size. I hope it really is easier than the weird measurements of the Personal paper, cause God knows I’ve been trying to print inserts for Personals and failed horribly every time!

Also, I think I’m not the kind of person that takes their planner everywhere they go. Having an on-the-go planner is great, but it’s a bit too much hassle for me… Plus, they make my bag really heavy. (Off topic: my bag always seems like it’s too heavy to carry, even without my planner with me. How does that happen?!)

So what I did was, I swapped my Personal Finsbury in pink for an A5 Calipso, which should be on the way to me at this moment! Honestly, the Finsbury is a model that people seem to either love or hate, and it wasn’t the one for me. It doesn’t lay flat and the leather is a little too flimsy for me. Plus, my boyfriend enabled me into buying a Newme binder by Success – my first non-Filo binder!

I really don’t know how I like it. I mean, I don’t love it, but it’s doing fine so far. Plus, the inserts are 1000 times better than the Filo ones! I took all of the inserts out except for the diary, and put a mini-notebook in the back pocket so I save space and weight. Best idea ever!! 🙂 It works very well. So I’ve been taking that with me on-the-go, and I never decorate the pages. I’m just waiting for my Calipso to arrive and I’ll go full out on that! I’ll make my own deviders and washi tape the pages and use stickers and everything. It’ll be a stay-at-home binder anyway because of the size!

I can’t wait for it to be here, and I’ll update you guys when it arrives! Another round of setting up a new planner is ahead! xxx


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Organised Mum inserts – a Filofax update

Hi all 🙂

So when I first got into Filofax and its community, I was very excited about it all. However, soon after I started using my Metropol (who now has a new owner) I got really upset about the Filofax paper. I was using Stabilo pens and they just ruined the pages, bleeding and showing through, I hated it! I decided to start looking for better pens, and stumbled upon the Pilot FriXion pens, which are erasable!

I’ve been using those for a while and they look very good on the paper, especially if you mix the right colours together. They come in normal colours like black and blue I think but I have the coloured markers which are erasable as I just mentioned. Admittedly, the erasing isn’t really perfect. You should only erase them if you’re going to write over the same bit again, otherwise it looks really weird.They are temperature sensitive, and that’s how they’re also erasable, but it kind of messes up the paper (especially thin Filofax paper.)

I really recommend them, even if they’re not cheap. I bought a pack of 12 for about $25, I think, off eBay. At least they shipped very quickly! 🙂

But then I saw someone else using inserts from Organised Mum, and I decided to take a look at those. At first I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to use them, until I saw that they were only 5 pounds (shipping included) and I thought, why not? They can’t be worse that the original inserts anyway.

They came in the mail a few days ago, whilst I was on my vacation, so I opened them up today and had a look! First of all, the paper actually feels a lot more sturdy and thicker than Filofax paper, which is good! It kind of reminds me of regular printer paper, but perhaps a little thinner? I’m not sure though, that’s just how it feels touching it. I’m going to use them for the entire month of July and then I’ll see which ones I want to use in 2014! I will keep you posted 🙂

Thanks for reading! Until next time 🙂

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Back home!

Hi readers!

In a post a while ago I mentioned I’d be on a vacation, right? Well, I’m back! 🙂 Unfortunately a little earlier than intended, because of bad weather we had.

We went to go camping and even though we were in a beautiful place with nice things to do, the campsite wasn’t nice at all. It was on a large hill, and the only way you could come down by foot was a very steep path through bushes and such, which was actually very tiring every time. So some days, we didn’t want to leave the campsite, really, as we were just exhausted from climbing and descending that hill. However, there wasn’t anything to do on that campsite! Summer breaks hasn’t started yet so there were only old people around us and there was no place to go have fun.

So some days when it rained, we were forced to just stay in our tent, which was fine, but not what we expected it to be! My boyfriend has been to that campsite before with his parents, but since then other people have bought the campsite and they basically ruined it. Even the restaurant was really bad… They didn’t have half the stuff on the menu, so we were forced to order a pizza each. What could go wrong with that, right? Well, apparently it was possible to them. 

Anyway, it’s not like the whole vacation was that bad. It was just that we had bad weather (rain, wind and even thunder sometimes) and general bad luck. For example, on Sunday we wanted to go swimming, but it turned out that all the slides were closed for some reason. The funny thing was that the slides did open, but only after all the children in the pool started protesting! So we still had a good time there.

We were sick of the rain though, so we decided to call my mum to pick us up. The drive should have been about 3 hours, tops. However, my mum got horribly lost somewhere in Germany… Sigh! It was awful for her and us both, especially as me and my boyfriend had already broken down the tent and we had to sit outside in the cold until my mum finally arrived, having driven twice the distance that it normally takes. Even the way back was really hard, as we usually never go to this part of the country. 

As it got darker outside (it was about 9 o’clock when we were on out way) I had to navigate through places I had never even heard of… Eventually we did find the right Autobahn, but that had taken us about 90 minutes, so as soon as we knew where we were going, we only had half an hour left until we were home! 

I must tell you, it was a horrid experience. I have never even driven a car and have no idea about Autobahns and such, and still I managed to get us home! I’m very happy to be back, even though we still had fun camping. We visited nice place and did fun things, so it could have been much worse. 

Until next time 🙂

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New Filofax!

Hello guys!

Sorry that I waited so long to write this post, I know I promised to do it sooner, but there were some complications in Filofax land! Well, I shouldn’t call them complications actually. Here’s what happened!

Like I’d mentioned in my first blog post, I ordered a Filofax Sketch from Adspot (Thanks Anthony!) and I received it last week which I know because I wrote it down in my Filofax. I was very happy to get it, and I like it a lot more than the Metropol if I’m really honest. So I moved all my stuff to my Sketch, whom I named Mr. Brown and rearranged the whole setup. And then what happened?!

Well, I won another Filofax! It’s a pink Personal Finsbury and it arrived a few days after mr. Brown. When I unwrapped her, I saw she was in quite a bad shape. Her rings were rusty and she looked as if she’d only been lying in storage under a couple of books for a long time. But I loved her anyways! The leather is a lot softer than I imagined it to be, even though she doesn’t lay flat yet. Her name is Ashley! 🙂

To be really honest, I felt bad for Mr. Brown. I only just received him and I felt torn between the two binders, I didn’t know which one to use! I both love them! So I asked my mum to use one of the two so I wouldn’t feel guilty anymore. Now I’m using Ashley and my mum is using Mr. Brown, so all is good, right? I took a lot of pics of her so you can see how I use her now.

This is her exterior:



From the sideImage



Below is my colour coding system. (Sorry for the bad camera quality, I don’t know why it’s being like that :S) I do use the sticky flags in the diary section and I make separate sections with them, kind of like subsections! Like under the Notes tab, I have sections for my daily shows and weekly shows, highlighted in a pink sticky flag 🙂





Here’s some sections with the subsections 🙂 (Sorry again for the quality)






Some pics of how I decorate my weeks and what I use to decorate them with 🙂











Thanks for reading!! I’m not going to post anything during next week cause I’ll be on a holiday (which is why it says ‘Pack’ in ths week’s pic) 😉 I’ll check back in with you soon!






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Birthday update!

Hi all!

It has come to my attention that I was featured on the Philofaxy website! Thanks for that guys, and thanks for reading, it makes me very happy! 🙂

Now, I had my birthday last Friday and I turned 18. First of all: No, it doesn’t feel any different! (Everyone asks me that!) Although I will admit that turning 18 was quite scary with the insurance and banking stuff and all. There were so many things that I had to take care of before and right after my birthday (banking, taxes etc) and that made it really overwhelming. However, now I’ve taken care of all most things, it’s not too bad. And this is only the start, right? This is what I’ll have to do for the rest of my life!

My birthday itself was quite normal to be honest, as I had to work all afternoon. I did feel special! 😉 Lots of my colleagues had remembered my birthday and they congratulated me, it was so nice. I didn’t have any relatives over that day, most of them called on Saturday. I really liked that, because that’s always the most awkward part of a birthday, right? Especially because my relatives are all German and even though my German is okay, it still makes me nervous speaking it. It was great though, I had these pastry things that I don’t know the English name of.

Image I basically made it a tradition to eat these on my birthday.

Apparently they’re very Dutch, because even my German grandmother didn’t know them (and she actually baked my birthday cake!) They’re very tasty though, especially the pink icing on it 🙂 Nobody is really sure how to eat them properly, but the easiest way is to eat the whipped cream in the middle first, and then take the pastry in your hand and eat those.

Yesterday (Sunday) my grandparents from Germany came over with the birthday cake I mentioned, which was a strawberry cake and very delicious! It was very nice to have them here as we hadn’t seen them for a couple of months.

All in all, I had a nice birthday. Meanwhile I’m still waiting for my Sketch to arrive this week and I simply cannot wait! I have stickers and sticky notes to use in it that I haven’t even unwrapped yet cause I only want to use them in the new Filo… Dilemma! It’s okay though, it’ll be here soon 🙂 (Thanks Steve!) As soon as it arrives, I will make a picture heavy post featuring a review in the Sketch and a look at the new goodies I bought for it.

Stay tuned for that and thanks for reading! 🙂


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Filofax on its way!

Hi everyone! It’s my first post and I already have great news! I bought a Filofax Sketch in Personal size from a really nice guy in the UK. I’ve only had my Metropol for a month, I know, but it was priced ridiculously well so I went ahead and thought: “Why not?!”

I did check whether it was legit, of course. The seller said it was new, never used and came with all the inserts so I wondered why he’d sell it for this price, but then again, the Sketch is a non-leather binder so it’s cheaper than the regular ones. I suppose he couldn’t sell it for retail price, as he’d already bought it. Still, I asked him for pictures of the interior and exterior to check for marks or faulty rings. It looked perfect!

I’m very excited for this because I initially wanted the Sketch, but it wasn’t available anywhere near me so I bought the Metropol instead. Now I’m still getting the Sketch and in the chocolate colour I wanted! I think I’ll swap the Metropol for stationary with someone from the Philofaxy Facebook group, cause those people are really trustworthy.

I’m not sure when the seller is shipping the parcel, and even then I have no idea how long it would take to get here. I’m very anxious to get it, cause I finally have a system that works for me so I can just take my current interior and put it in the Sketch. (Seriously, I need a name for my Filofaxes. Any ideas? I think Metropol is a girl and Sketch is a boy.) I’ve also ordered Pilot FriXion erasable gel pens and I’m very happy I did, cause I saw a review of them the other day and they seem perfect for my needs! There will be other stuff coming in over the next few weeks that I ordered from eBay, but that’s probably gonna take a little longer.

Thanks for reading, see you at my next update xxx


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