Back home!

28 Jun

Hi readers!

In a post a while ago I mentioned I’d be on a vacation, right? Well, I’m back! 🙂 Unfortunately a little earlier than intended, because of bad weather we had.

We went to go camping and even though we were in a beautiful place with nice things to do, the campsite wasn’t nice at all. It was on a large hill, and the only way you could come down by foot was a very steep path through bushes and such, which was actually very tiring every time. So some days, we didn’t want to leave the campsite, really, as we were just exhausted from climbing and descending that hill. However, there wasn’t anything to do on that campsite! Summer breaks hasn’t started yet so there were only old people around us and there was no place to go have fun.

So some days when it rained, we were forced to just stay in our tent, which was fine, but not what we expected it to be! My boyfriend has been to that campsite before with his parents, but since then other people have bought the campsite and they basically ruined it. Even the restaurant was really bad… They didn’t have half the stuff on the menu, so we were forced to order a pizza each. What could go wrong with that, right? Well, apparently it was possible to them. 

Anyway, it’s not like the whole vacation was that bad. It was just that we had bad weather (rain, wind and even thunder sometimes) and general bad luck. For example, on Sunday we wanted to go swimming, but it turned out that all the slides were closed for some reason. The funny thing was that the slides did open, but only after all the children in the pool started protesting! So we still had a good time there.

We were sick of the rain though, so we decided to call my mum to pick us up. The drive should have been about 3 hours, tops. However, my mum got horribly lost somewhere in Germany… Sigh! It was awful for her and us both, especially as me and my boyfriend had already broken down the tent and we had to sit outside in the cold until my mum finally arrived, having driven twice the distance that it normally takes. Even the way back was really hard, as we usually never go to this part of the country. 

As it got darker outside (it was about 9 o’clock when we were on out way) I had to navigate through places I had never even heard of… Eventually we did find the right Autobahn, but that had taken us about 90 minutes, so as soon as we knew where we were going, we only had half an hour left until we were home! 

I must tell you, it was a horrid experience. I have never even driven a car and have no idea about Autobahns and such, and still I managed to get us home! I’m very happy to be back, even though we still had fun camping. We visited nice place and did fun things, so it could have been much worse. 

Until next time 🙂

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