Filofax swinging

15 Jul

Hi guys! 🙂

So, I think all of us have been through a certain fase when it comes to Filofax. I’m talking about the first few months of the addiction in which you’re looking for the perfect binder – and trying heaps of models before deciding! I am in this state at the moment, and I’ve still not found out what my ideal binder is. To be honest – I’m not even sure about the size!

I started with Personal sized planners because they are most popular for people on the go. They’re small enough to take with you (in your purse or bag) and they’re not so small that writing in them is impossible. And sure, I really like the personal size! I just really wanted to try an A5 as well, just to see how I can use that, as some people take their A5 planners with them! I wanted to see how heavy they actually are, how bulky they are, and how easy it is to print my own stuff for it.

My boyfriend made a very clever remark about that – he said that A5 might be better to print my own stuff for than a Personal binder, as A5 is a standard paper size. I hope it really is easier than the weird measurements of the Personal paper, cause God knows I’ve been trying to print inserts for Personals and failed horribly every time!

Also, I think I’m not the kind of person that takes their planner everywhere they go. Having an on-the-go planner is great, but it’s a bit too much hassle for me… Plus, they make my bag really heavy. (Off topic: my bag always seems like it’s too heavy to carry, even without my planner with me. How does that happen?!)

So what I did was, I swapped my Personal Finsbury in pink for an A5 Calipso, which should be on the way to me at this moment! Honestly, the Finsbury is a model that people seem to either love or hate, and it wasn’t the one for me. It doesn’t lay flat and the leather is a little too flimsy for me. Plus, my boyfriend enabled me into buying a Newme binder by Success – my first non-Filo binder!

I really don’t know how I like it. I mean, I don’t love it, but it’s doing fine so far. Plus, the inserts are 1000 times better than the Filo ones! I took all of the inserts out except for the diary, and put a mini-notebook in the back pocket so I save space and weight. Best idea ever!! 🙂 It works very well. So I’ve been taking that with me on-the-go, and I never decorate the pages. I’m just waiting for my Calipso to arrive and I’ll go full out on that! I’ll make my own deviders and washi tape the pages and use stickers and everything. It’ll be a stay-at-home binder anyway because of the size!

I can’t wait for it to be here, and I’ll update you guys when it arrives! Another round of setting up a new planner is ahead! xxx


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3 responses to “Filofax swinging

  1. 1daughter

    July 16, 2013 at 5:14 pm

    I love how you phrased it, “the first few months of the addiction in which you’re looking for the perfect binder – and trying heaps of models before deciding!” That’s exactly how it feels. Like an addiction that I can’t control. I have the A5 Calipso, BTW. Love it. It’s about the size of a hardback book. If you wouldn’t think twice about carrying that around, you won’t mind the A5. And the leather is so soft and squishy. I use mine as my primary planner, for work and home. It was my first and despite a lot of “trying heaps of models” I’ve stuck with it. Of course, I just find other uses for the others. Ha ha. Addicts are downright ingenious at coming up with reasons for “needing” more of their addiction. You know?!

    • Daebak Mari

      July 16, 2013 at 5:18 pm

      Haha I know right?! I’m really trying to find out what would work best for me. I really liked the Metropol, which was my first FF, cause it wasn’t as floppy as the Finsbury.
      Wow – I can’t wait for mine to arrive!! I might be able to carry it in my bookbag, but not in my purse (it’s heavy enough already :S). Personally, I don’t like having planners around, not being used, so I usually sell my old ones or swap them for stationary goods 🙂

  2. 1daughter

    July 18, 2013 at 3:02 pm

    My coworkers think I’m crazy for buying so many different planners. One of them comes in every morning and asks “any more Filofaxes today?”. This morning, I showed her my new pocket Aston in Chocolate. I’m using this as my weight loss diary. I have the day per page calendar and can write my points down there. Then I use the address section to keep alphabetical listing of point values for my favorite foods. I can’t imagine giving any of my Filos up. I’ll use them as scrapbook binders if nothing else. That way I can enjoy my memories and my binders at the same time.


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