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Organised Mum Inserts Review

Back in June or July I bought the inserts off the Organised Mum website to try and see if they were any better than the original Filofax inserts, which I thought sucked at the time. Well, after trying Organised Mum, I feel more love towards Filofax paper…

As you can tell, I didn’t really like them. The pages were too white, first off. You know how Moleskine paper is kind of yellow creamy coloured? I like that, as nothing feels worse than staring at a black, white page. I know regular FF paper is white too, but because it’s so thin, it lets light through which can give them some colour. I like that about them now. Plus, I like the feel of the thin paper, like flipping through a phone book 🙂 If I use my FriXions or a normal ball-point pen, there’s no bleed-through anyway!

What I also didn’t like were the boxes you could write in. I felt so… Confined! If I didn’t write inside the box, it looked weird. The boxes were too small to fit stuff in though, in my experience. It’s nice if you have to write in your work hours, for example! That fits perfectly and you can decorate the edges of the box! You could also make little drawings in the boxes! A sun for a sunny day, a cloud for a rainy day etc. That was nice about it, but you could also do that on FF pages.

So all in all, I don’t like these inserts a lot, they’re not for me. For others, it could be ideal! Just not for me.


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