New Filofax!

19 Jun

Hello guys!

Sorry that I waited so long to write this post, I know I promised to do it sooner, but there were some complications in Filofax land! Well, I shouldn’t call them complications actually. Here’s what happened!

Like I’d mentioned in my first blog post, I ordered a Filofax Sketch from Adspot (Thanks Anthony!) and I received it last week which I know because I wrote it down in my Filofax. I was very happy to get it, and I like it a lot more than the Metropol if I’m really honest. So I moved all my stuff to my Sketch, whom I named Mr. Brown and rearranged the whole setup. And then what happened?!

Well, I won another Filofax! It’s a pink Personal Finsbury and it arrived a few days after mr. Brown. When I unwrapped her, I saw she was in quite a bad shape. Her rings were rusty and she looked as if she’d only been lying in storage under a couple of books for a long time. But I loved her anyways! The leather is a lot softer than I imagined it to be, even though she doesn’t lay flat yet. Her name is Ashley! 🙂

To be really honest, I felt bad for Mr. Brown. I only just received him and I felt torn between the two binders, I didn’t know which one to use! I both love them! So I asked my mum to use one of the two so I wouldn’t feel guilty anymore. Now I’m using Ashley and my mum is using Mr. Brown, so all is good, right? I took a lot of pics of her so you can see how I use her now.

This is her exterior:



From the sideImage



Below is my colour coding system. (Sorry for the bad camera quality, I don’t know why it’s being like that :S) I do use the sticky flags in the diary section and I make separate sections with them, kind of like subsections! Like under the Notes tab, I have sections for my daily shows and weekly shows, highlighted in a pink sticky flag 🙂





Here’s some sections with the subsections 🙂 (Sorry again for the quality)






Some pics of how I decorate my weeks and what I use to decorate them with 🙂











Thanks for reading!! I’m not going to post anything during next week cause I’ll be on a holiday (which is why it says ‘Pack’ in ths week’s pic) 😉 I’ll check back in with you soon!






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