Midori Traveler’s Notebook VS. Filofax

10 Aug

Hello all!

I realise this is the third post I’m writing this evening, sorry! I just wanted to share with you my new interest which is the Midori Traveler’s Notebook (MTN). It seems like there’s more people who use them alongside their Filofax and I think this is a great idea!

First off, when I came across Filofax I was already into stationery, mostly doing SMASH* stuff and journaling. And when I saw the first video of Filofaxing I knew… I knew… I was in deep trouble. I knew I was going to fall in love with this! I was going to fall in love with it and spend far too much money on it! And the best part: My prediction was totally accurate.

I felt the same when I saw the MTN. It looked so… Rustic. Simple. Classic. Just my style! You know, (slightly off topic), I’ve always been in conflict with myself as I couldn’t find out what exactly my style was. Not only in stationery, but also in clothing, appearance, everything! I just didn’t know how to act! I have a cute type of face, yet I have tattoos. I felt contradicted, I don’t know who I am as a person!

When I entered the Filofax world, I wanted to do it exactly like all the others did with dividers, sections, washi tape and all that, and that was fine for quite a while. It helped me get my shit together when it comes to planning, and now I don’t think I could live without a planner! But as I talked about in my last post, it felt overwhelming. It wasn’t me. I didn’t really care for my sections, I care about keeping my planning up to date and journaling!

This feeling was triggered when I saw the MTN. I saw that rustic look, the simple design… I realised that I actually prefer a bound book over a ringed binder, and MTN combined the best of both worlds! It’s a bound book that’s refillable! I love the look of it. I mean, how simple can it get? It’s a piece of scrap leather that holds paper together with an elastic band. It reminds me of cowboys, travelers, the wild west. That’s my style.

Plus, I know my boyfriend would totally love this thing too. He’s been with me whilst I was juggling around different planners, so I know he’s interested in what I do! And no, I don’t think I will abandon Filofax for this. I just think I shouldn’t want to have everything. I don’t need lists and sections and all that shit. What I need is a calendar that I know I’ll use, the Filofax, and a journal that is totally my style, which is the MTN.

The best of both worlds. I mean, the MTN and washi tape don’t go together in my opinion. I think it would totally mess up the concept of the Traveler’s Notebook, which should be simple and easily accessible. A MTN is what you can whip out at a coffee place or at a park, and you start writing about the stuff that has occurred to you, things that you’ve seen or done. A Filofax makes sure you know what to do each day, so you can plan on going to that coffee place or park. And to spice that up, you decorate it a little, to help you stay in touch with your planner in order for you to keep planning the days ahead!

The Filofax and the MTN are two separate things, but they go hand in hand in my life. Well, not yet. I don’t have a MTN yet and I don’t think I’ll get one any time soon, as they’re far too pricey for a bit of scrap leather and an elastic! I’ll get myself a knock off. One that I’ll make totally awesome and completely my style, cowboy!

Happy planning! xxx

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